Nuestros voluntarios

To be a volunteer?

We are the dogs and cats of the shelter of Segovia many people is phoning for asking what means to be a volunteer, we try to explain you what we think.

Volunteer is a human that has a special sensibility towards the situation in which we are the animals that we have been left, mistreated, they decide to dedicate a time to look after ourselves and to try to relieve our suffering and our sadness.

Volunteers are those who have a commitment with a project, it is a fight against a situation, it is to dedicate the free time and something more and in this "something more" the difference is with those marvellous human who come the sunny days to scratch the belly.

Volunteer is the one that comes the days with rain and wind and look, one, two or three times if the kennel is dry.Is the one who worries that the sun is not in the kennel, the one that dedicates hours and hours if one of us get lost,is the one that if you don't appear, time later when the hope it's lost, still looks for "if you could be" they are those who sometimes get angry with you but also those who always protect you.

We all know,that together with them, there are other people who works for us otherwise,that dedicate the free time and more, for showing our pictures,they announce us in order that you know we exist,that denounce our tortures and those of other colleagues..

They also are volunteers because they do all that and it doesn't matter if there is wind and rain.

José e Iscar Ana y Nemo Silvia y Tinete Pablo y Carolina Adela y Satán Vicente con Verdura, Lombarda y Patata M Ángeles y Paquita Adela y Carmen

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