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If you like to enjoy seen to KALIMA the timetable of visit it is:
From Monday until Friday: De 17:00 to 19:30 - On Saturdays and festive: From 11:00 to 13:30
Make contact with us in the phone 659 91 42 11 and one of our volunteers will tell you how to come to the shelter.


.: Age: 28/03/2016
.: Breed: galgo
.: Size: big
.: Castrated: YES     .: Sex: hembra.gif
.: Suitable for: floor and house
KALIMA came to us in a sorry state. She was starving, her hair and skin were falling apart, she had eczema everywhere and her legs were completely inflamed and full of wounds. If her previous owners had cared for her and taken her to a veterinarian, leishmaniosis would not have caused so much damage to her punished body, also used to raise and passed from hand to hand as a simple object. Kalima had an infinite sadness in his eyes and a tremendous desire for love he never knew, but since he entered our shelter we promised her that we would take care of changing her life. She is currently fully recovered from her wounds and skin problems and is still in treatment for leishmaniosis, although she is now living a normal life, just taking a pill and with usual controls. She is a very good dog, very submissive, that we cannot imagine how she has been able to endure so much pain. She is very happy when she sees us, because she knows that we are going to give her delicious food and lots of kisses and caresses. She is very playful and needs a home to forget all her past and to discover that life can also be wonderful in a real home. You'll never suffer anymore, princess!
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