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If you like to enjoy seen to MANRIQUE the timetable of visit it is:
From Monday until Friday: De 17:00 to 19:30 - On Saturdays and festive: From 11:00 to 13:30
Make contact with us in the phone 659 91 42 11 and one of our volunteers will tell you how to come to the shelter.


.: Age: 28/01/2017
.: Breed: galgo
.: Size: big
.: Castrated: YES     .: Sex: macho.gif
.: Suitable for: floor and house
~~ Sponsored by Piedad de Madrid ~~
Manrique appeared wandering through one of the incorporated neighborhoods of the city. Fortunately, a girl could catch him and, from that moment, he didn't have to live in the streets anymore. When he arrived at the shelter he was disoriented and very depressed; his gaze was lost and we even thought he had eyesight problems, but it was not like that. What we discovered when doing the blood analysis was the reason why he had been thrown into the street like garbage: Manrique has leishmania in a very low degree. When he arrived we began to administer the treatment and he has evolved so well that it is currently not necessary to even give him pills, just to do blood checks every so often. Manrique is a special galgo, who transmits an immense peace and affection. He is always looking for a person to receive cuddles and caresses, and although at first he was a bit shy, we have already discovered that he is also very playful. He is castrated and has all the vaccines up to date. Manrique will delight any family because he only wants to be loved. If you still do not know how the galgos are, encourage yourself to do it, you will fall in love with them.
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