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If you like to enjoy seen to BANDE the timetable of visit it is:
From Monday until Friday: De 17:00 to 19:30 - On Saturdays and festive: From 11:00 to 13:30
Make contact with us in the phone 659 91 42 11 and one of our volunteers will tell you how to come to the shelter.


.: Age: 24/10/2016
.: Breed: mix
.: Size: 58 cm
.: Castrated: YES     .: Sex: macho.gif
.: Suitable for: floor and house
Bande was rescued with his mother Mariña and his brother Nigran. They were living in the field during long time and one day we received a phone call telling somebody wanted to shoot them because people were telling they were savage and were killing sheep, thing that we don´t belive. It was necessary to use a trap box because were very distrustful and didn´t allow to be close to them. When Bande arrived to the shelter he showed a very scared character, never agresive but so suspicious and distrusful. Nowadays he walks around us but doesn´t allow to be touch, we hope he change with time and starts relaxing and trusting us but he needs lot of time. Bande is a playful dog that enjoy spending his time with the rest of dogs in the shelter. He loves to jump and run. Bande needs a very special person that understand him because is a special soul that would like to receive lot of caresses and attention.
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